Baglio di Pianetto "Green Winery"

Baglio di Pianetto “Green Winery”

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Baglio di Pianetto aims to become more and more a “green winery”. To protect and take care of the environment is fundamental for a sustainable development process in order to produce healthy high quality products.

Since from the planning stage, the Baglio di Pianetto shown a special attention to the lowering of energy consumption concerning the construction of the winery together with the productive process with the support of the related technologies.

A first example of this mission focused on the lowering of energy consumption, is the realization of a project that aims the continuous recovery of a very precious and important resource: the water. For this purpose it was built a basin to collect the rain water and a purification plant in order to reuse the water for the irrigation.

Moreover, on the beginning of 2011, Baglio di Pianetto started with the separate collection of rubbish in all the company areas and got the autonomy concerning the electric power production thanks to a photovoltaic installation of 256,5 Kwp. This installation will contribute to the environmental protection avoiding the introduction of CO2 up to 184.488 Kg per year.

At last, from this spring, Baglio di Pianetto joined the Magis project on the sustainable agriculture focuses on the progressive reduction of the environmental impact of the wine division: reduction of the agricultural chemical following a more and more sustainable agriculture and the consequent increase in quality for the agricultural products.

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